There are many reasons to move out – maybe it’s your decision, maybe it is someone else’s, maybe it’s necessary or it is just time. No matter the reason, providing your family with a roof over their head is expensive. It’s even more expensive when renting, but often we have no other option.

Through the years JVS has found that owning a house can be affordable. We looked into many possibilities for families to do so. If it’s a house for a mother of four, or a home for parents with 3 kids and their dogs – we construct an affordable financial way to give your family the room that they deserve.

Paying the mortgage can be challenging. We want to make sure that you are able to still afford every day necessities, pay your mortgage (at the bank) and have something left to put aside for a rainy day.

Our goal is that every family can move into their own house within a year.

Having your own house is not a luxury anymore!