When a company or (small) business wants to become part of the JVS Development group, they must first register with us. JVS then takes a closer look at the company and its owners. We evaluate their level of experience, is the business according to standard (international) ‘rules’ and the possibility for JVS to refine the company or (small) business so they can be international-ready.

After the registration we assign one of our consultants to screen the registered organization. Our consultant will then collect information on the matters of:

  • Financial investment
  • Growth and expansion
  • Where and how the credit will be applied

All this information is submitted in a so called business case which we mainly work with further. Our consultants build up the portfolio of the registered. Periodically they check the status of the registered (after the main work is done). If problems occur then together with the owner the consultant will work on proper ways to solve the problems.

De power of the joint of JVS is de possibility to do big business (with or without the intervention of cash). For example: exchanging goods, reduced prices or easier linking with companies in curtain branches (abroad). The consultants that are part of our daily routine are happy to help you and your business set up a joint.

*Consultant: An independent consultant who is part time involved with JVS and affiliated companies.