About Us

Joint Ventures Suriname is involved as a development organization in various projects and companies since November 8th, 2011. We encourage and stimulate individuals, officials and companies to attain extensive performance and leadership. We promote joint ventures between corporates, cooperatives and small societies.

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Joint Ventures Suriname (JVS) gives individuals and (starting) companies the opportunity to function as consultants for the joint part of our corporation. The consultant receives on-the-job training in order to make the joint (world-wide) work. Outside of Suriname the joint is functioning for many years now. JVS sees that Surinamese companies and businesses are now also ready to be connected.

Housing Program

The JVS Business group understands your need for housing and believes that every person should have one. If it’s either a house for you and your family or a building for your businesses. We help you reach that goal. Through unique business cases we give you the tools and opportunity to get the financial support from financial institutes such as the bank. Together we go through every step to bring you closer to what you are looking for.